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Near Huscarl

Web developer in the making

My name is Nguyen. I am currently a senior at University of Information Technology. In my four-year at uni, I have written a lot of small and medium projects using various programming languages and frameworks, ranging from terminal utility scripts, web scrapers, libraries, UI mockups, some niché android apps to desktop app, video games and web app.

My largest project, Castlevania is a 2D game remake of the same title. It is one of the only 2 projects (need citation) to achieve the absolute score in Introduction to Game Development in 2018, one of the most challenging courses in Software Engineering major where I am taking.

I care a lot about creating beautiful, intuitive, high-performance web apps using latest technologies and frameworks. Coding is not easy, that is why I always try my best to make my code as clean and readable as possible whenever I can, so it can be easily read, maintained and reused later by me or other people. My dream is to master Haskell and write a bot that can fix all of the garbage code that I have written when I was young.

When I am not coding. You can find me playing indie games, hitting the gym, reading blogs or watching Black Mirror episodes and contemplate about how the machine will one day kill us all and the only escape is a wizard hat.